Chris Rice

Welcome to Our World

Chris Rice

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Welcome to Our World

Year: 1997 - Album: Short Term Memories

	  		Intro:  C     C/E     G/F     F2         C/G     G7sus     C     F2/C 
C             C/E          G/F           F2 
Tears are falling,      hearts are breaking 
C/G                  Am7        D/F# 
How we need to hear from God 
Fmaj9/A          C/G      G/F           Dm7/F 
You've been promised, we've been waiting 
C/E        D7/G#    Am      F2     Dm7/G      C        F2/C 
Welcome Holy    Child, Welcome Holy    Child 
Hope that You don't mind our manger 
How I wish we would have known 
But long-awaited  Holy Stranger 
Make Yourself at home, Please make Yourself at home 
D               D/F#    A/G       G2 
Bring Your peace into our violence 
D/A                 Bm7      E/G# 
Bid our hungry souls be filled 
Gmaj7/9/A    D/A       A/G      Em7/G 
Word now breaking Heaven's silence 
D/F#     E7/A#   Bm          G2     Em7/A    D      G2/D 
Welcome to our world,    Welcome to our world 
Fragile finger sent to heal us 
Tender brow prepared for thorn 
Tiny heart whose blood will save us 
Unto us is born, unto us is born 
So wrap our injured flesh around You 
Breathe our air and walk our sod 
Rob our sin and make us Holy 
Perfect Son of God, perfect Son of God 
Welcome to our world 


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