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The More I See You Chords

Chris Montez

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The More I See You

	  ( D7/5+ ) 
                     G              G#º                 Am7    D7/9 
The more  I see you ...  the more I want you ... 
D7/5+              G             G#º               Am7      D7/9 
Somehow this feeling ...  just grows and grows 
                        A#                                     D#7M 
Whenever you sight I become more mad about you ... 
D7                     G                Em    Am7  D     D7/5+ 
More lost without you ...  and so it goes ... 
            G              G#º                 Am7    D7/9                 
Can you imagine ... how much I love you ... 
D7/5+           G        G#º             Dm7/9 
The more I see you .... as years go by ... 
G6                 C7M       Cm7                   Bm7 
I know the only one  for me  ... can only be you ... 
E7                       Am7                D7/9                  G     F    F#    G 
My arms won?t free you ...  and my heart won?t try ... 


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