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Chris McClarney

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Intro: (D  G) 2x 

         D                   D9 
You're mighty and strong to save 
         D                   D9 
You're mighty and strong to save 
         D                   D9 
You're mighty and strong to save 
   D      D9 

          D            G 
From the heavens You came 
         D             G 
To the depths of the grave 
      D               G 
To redeem for Your praise 
   Bm7    G 

       D        G 
Jesus You overcame 
        D              G 
Death itself for our sake 
         D          G 
Let the world now proclaim 
   Bm7     A 

O what a Saviour 
Freedom forever 
              A                  G 
We lift our hands with chains undone 
Hearts that know mercy 
Cannot stay silent 
             A               G 
We sing the song of saving love 

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