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A rainy days in Paris Chords

Chris de Burgh

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by europeu

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A rainy days in Paris

  		Am E7 Am E7 
It's a rainy night in Paris and the harbour lights are low 
Dm G7 Am Dm E Am 
He must leave his love in Paris before the winter snow. 
On the lonely street in Paris he held her close to say, 
We'll meet again in Paris, when there are flowers on the Champs Elyses... 
A7 Dm G7 C 
How long, she said, how long and will your love be stong 
A7 Dm F E 
When you're across the sea, will you heart remember me? 
Then she gave him words to turn to when the winter nights were long, 
"Nous serons encore amoureux avec les couleurs de printemps". 
And then she said, and then our love will grow again 
And then in her eyes he sees 
Her words of love are any words to please... 
And now the lights of Paris go dim and fade away 
And I know by the lights of Paris I will never see her again... 


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