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A Good Man Is Hard To Find Chords

Chris Connor

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A Good Man Is Hard To Find

(Eddie Green)

Intro: A A6 Am7 Cdim D9 Am7 D7 Edim G 

  E7          Cdim    E7 
A good man is hard to find, 
   Bm5-/7   A7      Cdim   A7 
You always get the other kind. 
    A7/13   D6/9  Am7     D6/9 Am7  D7 
Just  when  you  think    he  is  you r pal, 
     G        Am7     D9         Am7       G               Edim       D7 
You look for him and find him fooling 'round some other gal 
           E7            Cdim       E7 
Then you rave, you even crave 
  Bm5-/7    A7    Cdim      A7 
To see him laying in his grave 
D7          G      D    Am7  G Cdim   E7 
So if your man is nice, take my advice 
G      Am7      G       B7           
Hug him in the morning, kiss him every night 
E7                  Bm5-/7     Cdim       E7 
Give him plenty loving, treat him right 
        A    A6  Am7 Cdim   D9 Am7  D7 Edim  G 
Cause a good man now a days is hard to find 

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