Chris Burrows

Don't Fall For Me

Chris Burrows

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Don't Fall For Me

Intro: C,G,C,
C                       F       C       G 
well all i ever do is hurt people and its true 
C                       F       C               G 
but im an evil scheming demon sent from hell to fuck with you 
F                       G       C       F 
avoid me like the plague, turn your back and walk away 
Am              F               C 
its the kindest thing that i can say 

C                       F       C       G 
i don't like having fun, i'm boring and i'm not the one 
C                       F               C               G 
you are a picture perfect princess and all i am is a stupid cunt 
F                  G            C       F                 Am            F     C          
oh you deserve to be with someone perfect Equally and that somebody ain't me! 

(piano solo) F G C Am 
C                   F           C          G 
well im bitter and blue, and ill kill the mood. 
C                 F             C               G 
and i will rip your heart from your chest and ill leave you 
F               G               C               F 
forsaken and alone, where all the evil creatures roam, 
Am              F               C 
and not a flower or plant will grow. 
F               G                       C 
where not a flower or plant will grow! 

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