China Crisis

King In A Catholic Style

China Crisis

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King In A Catholic Style

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INTRO AND MAIN THEME --7--7---------------------------------| -------10--10--9--9---7------7---------| --------------------9---8/9------------|REPEAT AD LIB ---------------------------------------| ---------------------------------------| ---------------------------------------|
B E B Wake up wake up king in a catholic style E B with your man with your man make up E B and your big money business smile B cut em up cut em up E B crucial to every child E B with a mind with a mind made up E B and your main man confidence smile
A D A the residential black sea band D A they rose up out of a sinking sand D A the presidential elect man said D A for what you want take me instead
B wake up wake up E B exercise your every right B E B with your plan on the up and up B E B and your prize money struggle in sight B cut em up cut em up E B physical in every way B E B tough enough tough enough face up B E B and blow your big body blues away

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chords China Crisis - King In A Catholic Style
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