Chet Baker

If I Should Lose You Chords

Chet Baker

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If I Should Lose You

(Ralph Rainger and Leo Robin)

A7     Em7  Fdim Bm 
If I should lose you 
F#7       Em7   A7             Bm 
The stars would fall from the sky 
D    G     Fdim  D 
If  I should lose you  
A7     Gdim  Fdim       D 
Leaves would wither and die 
    Gdim D F#7 
The birds in Maytime  
       Edim   Fdim    Gdim  D 
They'd sing a mournful refrain 
    A C#m5-/7 F#7  Gdim Bm 
And I would  wander around 
E7/9       Em7  G/B  A7 
Hating the sound of rain 
A7   Em7   Fdim Bm 
With you beside me  
    F#7   A7    Bm   A7      Bm 
The rose would bloom in the snow 
D      G   Fdim Bm 
With you beside me  
A7   Gdim  Fdim           D 
No winds of winter would blow 
C#m5-/7 F#7 E7/9 
I gave  you my love 
Em7 Edim     Gdim      D 
And   I  was living a dream 
    Fdim          Bm     B7 
But living would seem in vain if I 
C#m5-/7  F#7 Bm 
Hatin' the rain if I 
Cdim        B7 
All is in vain if I 
E7   Bm5-/7 E7/13 A 
If I ever  lost you 

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