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King Jesus Is All Chords

Charlie Hall

Difficulty: EasyEasy

by 2u4ubyu

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King Jesus Is All

King Jesus is all                 (King Jesus is all) 
My all in all                     (My all in all) 
And I know that He'll answer      (And I know that He?ll answer) 
Me when I call                    (Me when I call) 
Walkin' by my side                (Walkin? by my side) 
I'm satified                      (I?m satisfied) 
               B     A 
King Jesus is all                 (All) 
          E  A-B 
My all in all                     (My all in all) 
E                                Eb-E 
Well, I went out to meet the Lord (Oh yeah!) 
           E          Eb-E 
I got down on my knees (Uh-huh!) 
Prayed my very first prayer (Amen!) 
             E                      Eb 
You know the Holy Ghost met me there (Uh-huh-huh!) 
Stepped on the rock, the rock was sound 
E                                        Eb-E 
Ooh the love of God came a-tumblin' down 
The reason I know that He saved my soul 
Is I dug down deep and I found pure gold 
© Unknown 
Charlie Hall 
You found it at E-Chords 
Submitted By: David Campbell 
Ontario Canada 


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