Charley Pride

Burgers Fries Cherry Pies

Charley Pride

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Burgers Fries Cherry Pies

Bb			Dm		  Eb		       Bb 
Burgers and fries and cherry pies, it was simple and good back then 
Bb		    Dm			Eb		      F 
Walking in the sand hand in hand never thinking that it could end 
Eb			 Dm		   Eb	    D	    Gm 
Making our love with the moon above at the drive-in picture show 
	   Eb			 Bb		  Eb    F	   Bb   F 
And it was burgers and fries and cherry pies in a world we used to know 
Bb			   Dm 
Changes come and go, we've had our share I know 
        Fm		   Bb		    Gm 
Now it seems we don't have time for love anymore 
	Eb				F 
All the things we used to say, little things we did each day 
      Eb	    F			Bb    F 
Oh I long to do the things that we did before, when it was... 
Bb					Dm 
Well I'm still the same old me, that's all I'll ever be 
     Fm			Bb		   Gm 
I'd like to think that you're the same old you 
	Eb				F 
We lost something down the line that I wish we both could find 
	  Eb		F			Bb F 
Lord I'd like to do the things that we used to do, when it was... 
Fade out with chorus 
					Jason A. Wendtland 


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