Charley Pride

Best In The World

Charley Pride

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Best In The World

	  		C                         F               C 
I know she's gonna get me back when I get home again 
                          F                            G7 
Cause she pretends to get upset when I call her little girl 
C                                           C7 
And as we lie there trying to out love each other 
Knowing there never could be any other 
  C              G7                      C 
I realize I'm up against the best in the world 

I always like competition but I've never had it so strong 
Cause she likes to play her little games everyday 
        F                  C 
And I'm happy just to play along 

She says honey you know that I love you 
More than you could ever love me 
And as I leave for the day I just laugh and I say 
       F                               C 
Little girl when the night comes we'll see 

                     G7                      C 
Yes I realize I'm up against the best in the world 

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