Charley Pride

All I Have To Offer Is Me

Charley Pride

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All I Have To Offer Is Me

Key of  F  capo in  3rd fret play in D 
All I Have To Offer You Is Me 
by Charlie Pride 
Verse 1: 
DBefore you take, Ganother step 
DThere's something Gyou should Dknow 
AAbout the years, a head, and how they'll Dbe 
You'll be livin' in, a Gworld where roses Dhardly Gever Dgrow 
ABecause all I have to offer you is Dme  G D 
And Dthere'll be no mansion Gwaiting on Dthe hill 
       Gwith crystal chan-Dde-liers 
There'll be no Gfancy Dcloths, for you to Awear 
DEvery-thing I Ghave to Doffer you is Gstanding here 
        in front of you to Dsee 
GAll I have to Doffer Ayou is Dme 
Verse 2: 
DSweet heart I give, you Gall my love 
DIn every Gway I Dcan 
But Amake sure thats what you want, 
       while your still Dfree 
Now the only gold I Ghave for you, is Dthis Gwedding Dband 
ACause all I have to offer you is Dme 
Repeat Chorus: 
AAll I have to offer you is Dme 


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