Chad Sugg

Shake Shake

Chad Sugg

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Shake Shake


Standard Tuning 
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CHORDS E------1---3-----------| B--1---1---3-----------| G--0---2---0-----------| D--2---3---0-----------| A--3---3---2-----------| E------1---3-----------| C F G
INTRO C F G VERSE C F G C F I, I think I'm ready G C F G C F G To be something more than just friends (Continue that strum pattern throughout rest of verse)
F G C G I'll bring my guitar, you take the tambourine F C G C Shake shake, it's just what you do to me F C G C Oh, I think I'm falling in love F C G C F G Oh, I think I'm falling in love with you
(Repeat chord patterns above for verse & Chorus throughout rest of song) OUTRO C F These days I just don't make sense to me C F This modern love, it's a new kind of lonely

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