César Franco

Panis Angelicus

César Franco

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Panis Angelicus

Intro: G  F# E  D/F#   G  B  D7  F#  G 

      D/F#   G               D7/F#  G 
Pannis   angelicus Fit panis     hominum 
C/E  D/F# C/G   G/B  Am/C   G/B  D7/F#   C/E  D/F# 
Dat    panis  coelicus Figuris           terminum 

G D7/F#  G         Bm  Bbº     
O res    mirabilis! Manducat dominum 
A/E      D7/F#    A  G/B  A/C# F#   Bbº 
Pauper, pauper   Servus et humilis 
Bm        B7  Em  Em/D   A/E       G/D  Gm/D  D 
Pauper, pauper                  Servus et hu...mi....lis 

( A  A/G   D/F#  A/E   A G A   D    D7/F# ) 

G  D7/F#  G              D7/F#  G 
Pannis   angelicus Fit panis   hominum 
C      C/B Am7     Am/G C       A7/C#  D 
Dat  panis coelicus  Fi...... guris termi?  num 
D  C/D C/E  D        C/E    D/F#   C/D   C/E    D            C/E 
O   res    mi?rabilis!             M a n d u c a t      dominum 

D/C G/B         D/F#   G  C/D         D7  C/G  G/D 
Pau?       per, pau? per Servus et humilis 
E7           E/G# Am7 D/F#   G/D 
Pau?.. per, pau?per    Servu, servus 
     D/F#         G   C/G Cm7  G/B  C/E C/D  G 
 Et hu..........milis 

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