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Intro:  Em  C  G  D  (2x) 

verse 1:
Em                C 
  What started out as desire  
G              D 
turned into a lover's tryst 
Em               C 
  Who knew a moth and a flame 
      G                D 
could ever spawn a love like this 
Em               C 
   Now you need something 
To taste something just 
  D                 Em 
a little bit more sweet 
         C             G 
But I am sour and more sour  
every time that our lips meet 

C             D 
  If you're a butterfly 
I'm suicide by insecticide 
C         D 
  If I am kerosene then you're 
a spark just begging to ignite 
C        D             Em 
  You'll wish you never met me 
C          D 
  Butterfly butterfly float on by me 

Em C G Never meant to cut so deep D Em Just enough to bleed C Feel the sting as G you get closer D Closer and closer to me Em C Don?t let me hold G something so delicate D I'll shatter it with a word Em C Don't say a thing as we G get closer and closer D Damn this is gonna hurt
verse 2: Em C The ghost of pathetic past is G D haunting me here more and more Em C G Skeletons are laughing at D me through the closet door Em And now past lovers C G share these covers D Em Sleeping with my enemies C Thoughts of others G come between us D Trigger fits of jealousy (Repeat Refrain and Chorus) Interlude: Fm G/B C D Bridge: Am G/B C You can paint me pretty colours D Am And dress me how you like G/B C I'm just an ugly moth in love D Am In a butterfly disguise G/B I've been thinking about leaving since the day that we met C If I don't get close when D it's all over I'll just forget Am Cause I have seen the end G/B So many times I've played it in my mind C And I am scared to death D I never wanna see your dark side (Repeat Refrain and Chorus)

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