Catie Turner


Catie Turner

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Ab                   Eb7 
 I'll get back in the kitchen 
Ab                               Eb7 
 I'll wear my hair up for you real nice 
Ab                Eb7 
I'll do all these things 
    Ab                         Eb7 
But one thing will always stay true 
Fm            Gm7 
 your messy attitude 
     Fm               Gm       Fm           Eb7 
Will never convince a woman to lay with you 


 N.C.  Ab 
So get real with yourself 
You're not the heartbreaker 
    Ab                          Eb7 
You thought you were destined to be 
         Ab                 Eb7 
Put your feet down, from my table 
            Ab           Eb7 
Its called common courtesy 
I doubt you've heard of it 
              Ab           Fm 
Don't test my limit or my generosity 
Don't stroke my face or these feminine hands 
Will cut your fingers to bleed 
     Ab                Eb7 
Your masculinity is so fragile 
I could break you with a tap 
Your fragments like 

So lets have a dramatic ending glad

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