Catching The Fallen

Tonight Chords

Catching The Fallen

Difficulty: EasyEasy

by deivcavalcanti

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verse 1 
              Am           F 
Theres a battle raging for our lives 
      G              E 
And the enemys got a string of lies 
               Am             F 
That hes ready to plant in our minds 
                 G                                E             Am      F       G       E 
Trying to turn our hearts so we start the fight Tonight 

                Am                      F 
Well hes strategizing, to start terrorizing 
      G                 E 
So with darkness rising, we make it right 
Am      F       G 

verse 2 

Theres a warrior nation willing to fight 
A generation will lift their cry 
We wont be stopped cause we will fight 
Well press on forward and fight the fight Tonight 

Am F G Em Tonight we will fight for our generation well give our lives Am F G Em To bring forth the light the light of Christ to the Dark outside
Bridge Am F G Em Cause we were made to live outside, outside ourselves as the voice of Christ Am F G Em To the ones given up on life, it is for them that we will fight Tag (Double Time) Am And we dedicate ourselves to Christ F But we werent made to live inside no G This is for more than just our lives E We fight for the ones outside Bridge 2 Am For the life of Christ to the dead inside F And his hope to the broken life G It is for them that we will fight Em WE WILL FIGHT

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