Carolyn Dawn Johnson

Disillusioned Heart

Carolyn Dawn Johnson

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Disillusioned Heart

Capo on 4th fret

Intro: C F G 

He was the walking picture, intoxicating mixture  
Of everything I dreamed love could be 
He held my fascination, I had no hesitation 
He brought unknown emotions out of me 
Am             F 
Oh, I can be so gullible 
Am              G 
Always believing the impossible 

C It was hypnotizing, he was mesmerizing F G C I was taken in right from the very start C Now I stand amazed , kinda like I'm in a daze F G C Feeling so reformed, my poor disillusioned heart
Verse F Slight miscalculation, some over expectation C I loose perspective every now and then F Guess it was bound to happen ,some day I'll look back laughing C I just need a little time to mend Am F Oh, I put him on that pedestal Am G I was so na?ve, it was in incredible
E I know I should get some sleep, B I'm at the beginnin' of another long week, C#m A But I don't want you to go,No I don't want you to go, E I guess another minute wouldn't do no harm, B Why not spend it in each other's arms, C#m A 'Cause I don't want you to go,No I don't want you to go. (x3)

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