Carly Simon

That's The Way I've Always Heard It Should Be Chords

Carly Simon

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by pfoster8

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That's The Way I've Always Heard It Should Be

  		Bm                                     G 
1. My father  sits  at  night  with    no lights on 
2. My friends from college they're all married now 
3. You  say  we  can  keep  our        love alive 

Bm                            G    Dm     
1. His cigarette glows in the dark;  The living room is still  
2. They have their houses and their lawns; They have their silent noons 
3. Babe, all I know is what I see; The couples cling and claw 

   C7M    Em/B         Am/G  G#    G 
1. I  walk  by,  no re - mark    
2. Tearful nights, angry dawns 
3. And drown in love's debris 

Bm                                   G 
1.          I tiptoe past the master bedroom where 
2.  Their children hate them for the things they're not 
3. You say we'll soar like two birds through the clouds 

Bm                          G    Dm                          
1.  My mother reads her magazines;  I hear her call sweet dreams 
2. They hate themselves for what they r; And yet they drink, they laugh 
3. But soon you'll cage me on your shelf; I never learn to be just 

   Cmaj7    Em/B       Am/G  G#    G 
1. But I forgot how to dream 
2. Close the wound, hide the scars 
3. me first, By myself 

F                                      Em 
But you say it's time we moved in together 
Dm                         C7M 
And raised a family of our own, you and me 
F                                Em 
Well, that's the way I've always heard it should be 
                      A                        D 
You want to marry me, we'll marry 

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