Carl Smith

I Overlooked An Orchid

Carl Smith

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I Overlooked An Orchid

	  		I Overlooked An Orchid 
by Carl Smith 
Written by C. Smith,  C. Story,  S. Lynn 
Recorded 07/18/1950 
(G)The orchid is a flower (G7)that (C)blooms so (G)tender'ly 
To thrill the fairest lady of the (D7)land 
If (G)placed beside a blush'in (G7)rose 
   the (C)rose could not (G)compare 
But how was such as (D7)I to under-(G)stand 

(G)I over looked an orchid while (C)search-ing for a (G)rose The orchid that I over looked was (D7)you The (G)rose that I was search-ing (G7)for, has (C)proved to be un-(G)true The orchid now I (D7)find my dear was (G)you
VERSE 2: The (G)rose has lost it's color But the (C)orchid is the (G)same And I'm alone to face these lone-ly (D7)years I (G)didn't see the orchid I was look-(C)ing for a (G)rose And now I pay the (D7)price with better (G)tears REPEAT CHORUS:

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