Carl Cartee


Carl Cartee

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Capo on 3rd fret



Intro: Am F2 C G 

verse 1: 
Could I let go of all that you've given 

If it meant that it all would be yours 

Could I sit at your feet and forget about me 

And remember what I'm here for 

Am F2 Honestly i need to be broken C G Honestly I need to fall down Am F2 Go ahead and shake my foundations C G 'Cause honestly I'm figuring out Am That of all that I have C G F2 All that I need is you Am (F2 C G) Honestly
verse 2: C If I leave behind all that's familiar Am Can I do what has never been done F2 If I believe in you like you believe in me G Can you finish the work You've begun Chorus Am F2 C G Am 'Cause You're all that I need Chorus(no cajon)

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