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Plane Crash Blues I Can't Play The Piano Chords

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Difficulty: EasyEasy

by adalgomes

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Plane Crash Blues I Can't Play The Piano


       C        G    Am 
This plane is going down  
       C        G       Am 
Anything to make you feel better  
   Em                       F 
At least this time when it explodes into flames  
   Em                  G 
No one could say that you?re to blame  
    C        G    Am 
I forgot how to drive  
       C        G      Am 
That?s why I?m taking this flight  
   Em                            F 
With all of my shit piled on the passenger seat  
   Em                     G 
I just couldn?t keep my eyes on the street  

C  G  Am 
Now I go  

      C        G         Am 
This weather?s making me crazy  
    C           G               Am 
Lightning keeps thinking it likes me  
   Em                         F 
And I guess I can see why it wants to hit  
   Em                      G 
But I am not a light though I am lit  
          C        G              Am 
I?m just cruising through the stop sign  
       C            G         Am 
Sorry officer, the radio was blowing my mind  
        Em                        F 
They were playing a song that?s gone out of tune  
   Em                      G 
I?ll take the rhythm but fuck them blues  

C G Am I?m not sad I?m sad not sad I?m sad not sad at all
Bridge C note G note A note That?s not bad, man, keep going, you can do it, you already did it! You can make no mistakes, you?re perfect, you totally got this! Just shut up shut up shut up shut up with all this negative vibes, all this yelling Just shut up Verse C G Am And if your luggage got lost, you can leave without it C G Am And if you run out of drugs, you can sleep without it, you know you can! C G Am And if you want to go home, you can call a taxi C G Am And if you don?t want to talk, you can sit in the backseat C G Am Ooh Outro Am C F F (inaudible) touched another D C Am Am and everyone got hurt

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