Building 429

I Belong To You

Building 429

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I Belong To You

	  		Verse 1 
C				F 
I stand astounded by your unfailing love 
	   Am	     		     F  
Your grace imparted rings freedom in my soul  
	   C			F 
So I lift a voice to reach into the heavens  
	Am			       F 
Trying to find a way to say how much I love You  

C F You spoke my world into existence Am Designed my soul and mind even knowing F That I would be the one to break your heart C F But you sent your only son to be a savior Am You sent the living king to be a servant F And bought me with a price I can?t imagine G A (B) C So I belong to You
Verse 2 So let the world crash down all around me I?m not affected by the words that they spew/use I only live to sing, praises to my king I only live to prove, I adore You Because

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