Buffalo Springfield

Rock And Roll Woman

Buffalo Springfield

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Rock And Roll Woman

(Stephen Stills)

Intro: Am/D Am C6 D (4x) 

          F             D7 
There's a woman that you ought to know 
          F              D7 
And she's coming singing soft and low 
Singing rock n roll she's a joy to know 

Am/D Am C6 D (4x) 

          F             D7 
Neath the shadow of her soothing hand 
     F                  D7 
I am free there just to make my plans 

Dream of far away lands 
Anything close at hand 

Am           C          D 
And she will follow me  why  do you know 
Am       C                 D 
Familiar places she's been by 
Am        C                       D Dsus2 D Dsus4 D7 
But if it seems she don't have to try    

F D F D F D F D 

Am/D Am C6 D (4x)
And tomorrow she's a friend of mine 
        F                D7 
And the sorrow I see her face is lined 

She's no longer mine 
           D           F D F D F D F D 
She's just hard to find 

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