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Go And Say Goodbye Chords

Buffalo Springfield

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by Nick+D

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Go And Say Goodbye

  		VERSE 1: 
        G                F               C                D 
You ask me to read this letter that you wrote the night before 
         G                 F                    C                D 
And you really should know better 'cause she's worth a whole lot 
G C G C G C G Brother you know you can't run away and hide C b/bass Am Am7 D D7 Is it you don't want to see her cry is that why G C G C G C G You won't go and say goodbye
VERSE 2: G F C D Then you said the fault was yours and you really were to blame G F C D Was as if to close the doors and to hide away in shame REPEAT Chorus BRIDGE: A7 D G Yes and why tell me why can't you see that it's not right A7 D Dsus D It's a lie, it's a lie, don't hide your sorrows in the night REPEAT Chorus INTERLUDE G F C D And I know the pain is double, but for her it's even worse G F C D You must face her with her trouble, though it's hurting like a curse REPEAT Chorus TWICE G C G C G C G G Go and say good, go and say good, go and say goodbye.

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