Buddy Holly

That'll Be The Day Chords

Buddy Holly

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That'll Be The Day

(Buddy Holly/ Jerry Allison & Norman Petty)

  E    A                                   E  
Well, you give me all your lovin' and your turtle dovin',  
A                                E  
All your hugs and kisses and your money too,  
      A                         E  
Well, you know you love me baby, until you tell me, maybe,  
F#7                B7  
That some day, well, I'll be through, well..  

A E That'll be the day, when you say good-bye, yes, that'll be the day, when you A E make me cry. Oh you say you're gonna leave, you know it's a lie 'cause that'll E B7 E be the day when I die! When Cupid shot his dart he shot it at your heart So if we ever part and I leave you You kiss and hold me and you tell me boldly, baby That someday well, I'll be through

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