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Big In Vegas Chords

Buck Owens

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by alexribeiro

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Big In Vegas

  		D                                    G             D 
when i was young i left the home and went away, to Vegas 
D                                      G                       D 
with my guitar and my dreams, i had to try to play and sing, in Vegas 
       Bm                  F#m            Bm                  F#m 
but my momma told me i was wrong, and she begged me to stay at home 
       G                                    A       D          
but my will was strong and i had to make it big, in vegas 
               A                                       G 
they'll put my name up in lights where i play, and the lines out in 
D                A                                 G   
front will be long, i'll get a standing ovation from the people, when  
                   D     G                    D 
i start to sing my song, when i turn em on in Vegas 

well i've played every honky tonk and smokey bar, in vegas 
and i guess i don't have what it takes, for las vegas 
but my dreams still linger on, oh my faith is almost gone, 
but my will is strong and i've gotta make it big, in vegas 


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