Buck Owens

Ain't It Amazing, Gracie Chords

Buck Owens

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by alexribeiro

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Ain't It Amazing, Gracie

NC            G 
I've been all over the world, 
       C               G 
but no other girl ever thrilled me  
the way that you do, 
G                    D7     G 
Ain't it amazing how I love you? 

        G                    C 
Well, I left my Gracie and I caught a big train  
G                        D7 
searching for wealth and fame. 
          G                     C 
But every clickety-clack of the railroad track  
          G           D7       G 
seemed to ring out my Gracie's name. 



Well, she's not the prettiest girl in the world I know. 
She's not the smartest one, too. 

But she's always there and I know she cares 
and I know her little heart is true. 

Well ain't it amazing Gracie. 



I met a lot of pretty girls wherever I'd go, 

none could ever take her place. 

Cause everytime I'd look into their eyes  

I keep seein' my Gracie's face. 

Well ain't it amazing Gracie...  


A seventies hit from Kraziekhat.

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