Bryan Adams

Wherever You Go Chords

Bryan Adams

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by educastilho

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Wherever You Go

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Riff 1 Riff 2 Riff3 e|--------3--3?-1?0------|-------------0?1-0-|-------------0-------------| B|--------------------3--|-------3--3--------|--------1?3----3-1?0-------| G|-----0-----------------|-----0-------------|-----2----------------2?-0-| D|---2-------------------|---0---------------|---2-----------------------| A|-3---------------------|-------------------|-0-------------------------| E|-----------------------|-3-----------------|---------------------------| Riff 1 Riff 2 Riff 4 e|--------3--3?-1?0------|-------------0?1-0-|-------------0-1-0---------| B|--------------------3--|-------3--3--------|--------1?3-------?3-1-0-1-| G|-----0-----------------|-----0-------------|-----2---------------------| D|---2-------------------|---0---------------|---2-----------------------| A|-3---------------------|-------------------|-0-------------------------| E|-----------------------|-3-----------------|---------------------------| Riff 5 ( Am ) e|---------?--?--?-------| B|---------0--1-------3--| G|-----2-----------------| D|---2-------------------| A|-0---------------------| E|-----------------------|
C9 G Oceans apart day after day A7sus4 Fadd9 And I slowly go insane C9 G I hear your voice on the line A7sus4 Fadd9 But it doesn't stop the pain Am F If I see you next to never Am F How can we say forever
C ( Riff 1 ) Wherever you go G ( Riff2 ) Whatever you do Am F ( Riff 3 ) I will be right here waiting for you C ( Riff 1 ) Whatever it takes G ( Riff2 ) Or how my heart breaks Am F ( Riff 4 ) I will be right here waiting for you
Riff 5 C9 G I took for granted, all the times A7sus4 Fadd9 That I though would last somehow C9 G I hear the laughter, I taste the tears A7sus4 Fadd9 But I can't get near you now Am F Oh, can't you see it baby Am F You've got me goin' crazy Dm Am F I wonder how we can survive G This romance Dm Am F But in the end if I'm with you G I'll take the chance
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Solo: e|--------3--3?-1?0------|-------------0?1-0-|-------------0-------------| B|--------------------3--|-------3--3--------|--------1?3----3-1?0-------| G|-----------------------|-------------------|----------------------2?-0-| D|-----------------------|-------------------|---------------------------| A|-----------------------|-------------------|---------------------------| E|-----------------------|-------------------|---------------------------| e|--------3--3?-1?0------|-------------0?1-0-|-------------0-1-0---------| B|--------------------3--|-------3--3--------|--------1?3-------?3-1-0-1-| G|-----------------------|-------------------|---------------------------| D|-----------------------|-------------------|---------------------------| A|-----------------------|-------------------|---------------------------| E|-----------------------|-------------------|---------------------------|
Am F Oh, can't you see it baby Am F You've got me goin' crazy

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