Brutal Attack

For The Fallen And The Free

Brutal Attack

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For The Fallen And The Free


Intro: Em  D  G  Am (2x) 


Em                    D 
I can see comin´ of a bright and glorious day 

G                        Am 
When we step into freedom and chase the night away 

Em                                    D 
After all these years of struggle our war is finally won 

      G                        Am 
And those who stood so proudly now welcome the sun 

G D C G This song is for the fallen and the free D C D Who'll one day stand together in final victory G D C G The glorious dead with those who'd gladly die D C D United in triumph as our eagle standards fly
Em D C Am Em D I recall all the battles how many fallen dies C Am The colliding of two armies under blood red skies Em D I recall the sorrow and I recall the pain C Am I recall the torment of seeing my brother slain Chorus Em D Still we fought with courage or how we fought with pride C Am Knowing that we have the gods of war on our side Em D We overdone each hurdle with our will to win C Am Now we stand triumphant the greatest there has ever been. Chorus (2x) Em D C Am (2x) Em

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chords Brutal Attack - For The Fallen And The Free
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