Hear My Love Job To God Chords


Difficulty: BeginnerBeginner

by hebealmeida

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Hear My Love Job To God


verse 1:
G                          G 
God damned a righteous man named Job 
                      Em             D 
but the battle for his soul; was his alone 
   G                          G 
He shaved his head and sat upon the ash 
                   Em               D 
there's no turning back; the people pass.... 

C D/F# G Em Cry now....God, You are enough C D G G and love
verse 2: G G God spoke the words into Job's soul Em D a way for him to know; Whos in control G G "Where were you when I created light? Em D don't you try and hide; you know I'm right." Chorus SOLO verse 3 G G (He said) "Everything that was and that will be Em D the sun's energy; comes from Me." G G God blessed a broken man named Job Em D deep into his soul; his heart was gold

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