Bruce Cockburn

Happy Good Morning Blues Chords

Bruce Cockburn

Difficulty: EasyEasy

by alyslima

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Happy Good Morning Blues

Capo on 2nd fret

Good day to you 
Fat balloon man 
  D                               C7 
May you always have air 
  D                Am7                G                  D 
You sing a song everybody can believe  
Good day to you 
Uncle tom cat 
  D                                 C7 
Out to trick the whole world 
  D                Am7                 G                   D 
You carry a tune for nobody but yourself  

Solo:    G         D        Em       A     D 

Bonjour a toi 
Herr policeman 
  D                                C7 
May your boots always fit 
  D                     Am7                   G               D 
Someday you'll find a song you can believe  
Good morning good people 
The sun is long sailing 
The only clouds you see 
Are carried within 
 Am                  G               D 
Soon they'll be blown all away 
  Am                             G                            D 
Wind's gonna rise and blow those clouds away 
  Am                              G                      D 
Wind's gonna rise and blow your blues away 
  Am                                  G                              D 
Your sun's gonna shine in my back door some day ... 

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