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Smoking In The Boys Room Chords

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Smoking In The Boys Room

	  Tablature Notation Notes: 
For chords: C#/D means "strum a C#, then slide up to a D 
            A/A# means "strum an A, then slide up to an A# 
    C# /D                 A  /A# 
e------------          e---5--/6----| 
B---6--/7----          B---5--/6----| 
G---6--/7----          G---6--/7----| 
D---6--/7----          D---7--/8----| 
A---4--/5----          A---7--/8----| 
E------------          E---5--/6----| 
b = bend note 
h = hammer on 
p = pull off 
r = release bend 
~ = sustain note 
/ = slide up to note(s) 
C#/D (C# Slide up to a D, see above) -  repeat numerous times! 
(I usually delete the following vocal vamp, and go right into 
the first verse) 
Ever have one of those days when it seems like everybody is 
getting on your case from your teacher all the way down to 
your best girlfriend? 
Well I used to have them just about all the time... 
But I found a way to get out of it... 
Let me tell you about it! 
First Verse: 
   Sitting in the classroom 
   thinking it's a drag. 
   Listening to the teacher 
   well just aint my bag. 
   The noon bells ring 
   you know that's my cue. 
   I'm gonna meet the boys 
   on floor number two 
Smokin' in the Boys Room, Yes indeed, I was 
Smokin' in the Boys Room 
Now teacher don't you fill me 
up with your rules. 
Everybody knows that 
Smoking aint allowed in school. 
Verse 2: (Chord patterns are same as Verse 1) 
Checking out the halls 
making sure the coast is clear. 
Looking in the stalls, 
no, there aint nobody here. 
My buddy Fang, 
and me and Paul, 
To get caught would 
surely be the death of us all. 
Chorus 2: 
(Same as first chorus) 
Harmonica Lead Chords: 
G (2 measures) 
D (2 measures) 
G (2 measures) 
A (2 measures) 
Guitar Lead: (Chords are same as Harmonica Lead) 
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e-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| B-15-15-15-18b20---15-20b22-18b20-15~--18-15-18b20-18~------------------------| G-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| D-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| A-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| E-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| ------------------------------------------------------------------------------| -15----------15----15-17b19r17p15-17-15-17------------------------------------| ----17~---16----16------------------------------------------------------------| ------------------------------------------------------------------------------| ------------------------------------------------------------------------------| ------------------------------------------------------------------------------| -----------------------------------17-17-17-17--------------------------------| -15-17b19r17p15-17-15-17-15--17b19~~~~~~~~~~~~--------------------------------| ------------------------------------------------------------------------------| ------------------------------------------------------------------------------| ------------------------------------------------------------------------------| ------------------------------------------------------------------------------| -------17-17-17-17------------------------------------------------------------| -17b19~~~~~~~~~~~~-17b19r17---------------------------------------------------| ------------------------------------------------------------------------------| ------------------------------------------------------------------------------| ------------------------------------------------------------------------------| ------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
Third Verse: (Chord patterns are same as Verse 1) They put me to work in the School Book Store. Check-out counter and I got bored. The teacher was looking for me all around. two hours later, you know where I was found. Chorus: (Same as first chorus) Repeat Chorus: G Smokin' in the Boys Room, Yes indeed, I was D Smokin' in the Boys Room A Now teacher, I am Fully G aware of the rules. A Everybody knows that G (stop) Smoking aint allowed in school. Ending: D D F# F# G G A# A# A D# D (

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