Brown Bird


Brown Bird

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Will my names grown dim? 
       F             C 
Will my ship come in? 
F            G                 C 
What kind of rich man would be I? 
    F              G 
For today I am a coward 
       C                  F 
I have fear for what's to come 
                 G               C 
I've not got the guts to even try. 

Someday you will be strong 
       F          C 
May it carry you on 
F                   G                C 
When the burdens of life upon you fall 
             F              G 
And may your ship have ironsides 
             C              F 
And may your riches multiply 
May you have the strength of mind 
To turn from greed 
Hold fast to love 
Let go your pride 
       C         Em       Am 
May you ever you be satisfied 
F                   G                  C 
Let not your excess hide from those in need 

G  C 

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