Brown Bird

Bottom Of The Bottle

Brown Bird

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Bottom Of The Bottle

There's never a star in this sky 
Never a boat in this sea 
Only the voice of a thousand lies 
G                        D  
Choking the truth out of me 

Until I've fallen immune to her lies 
Or learned to turn a deaf ear to her pleas 
I will never begin to be satisfied 
She'll never again let me be 
Don't let her turn your temperance  
  G                        D 
Away from the simple and sound 
             A       G        D 
Or she will damn you darkly down 
At the bottom of the bottle it makes no difference 
If I keep drinkin' or drown 
      A                G                    D            
Cause I can't go much lower than I am right now 
        G              D 
By the time I find my home 
             A                D 
I'll be all scars and broken bones 
                G                D 
A head full of lies, a heart of stone 
              A           G                D 
Voice like a freight train's cold whistle moan 

No, no I cannot promise nothing 
        G               D 
That I cannot know for sure 
I won't say never or forever 
I have told those lies before 
Please don't ask me to proclaim, my love 
         G                 D 
That my love for you will grow 
          G                 D 
That I desire to love you 'til I die 
            A       G       D 
Ain't that all you need to know 

But your desires burn like fires 
           G               D 
Then they quickly flicker down 
And all the while your constant smile 
Will never show the fires went out 
And when they do you won't come home one night 
           G              D 
And you'll leave me all alone 
           G           D 
So don't tell me of desire my love 
         A            G    D 
Tell me true, you'll never go 

Or by the time you find your home  
You'll be all scars and broken bones 
A head full of lies, a heart of stone 
Voice like a freight train's cold whistle moan 

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