Brody Dalle

I Dont Need Your Love

Brody Dalle

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I Dont Need Your Love



Two Instrumental rows : F# G C 

F#             G              C 
I've travelled all around the world  
          F#            G            C   
and the Loneliest place is where you are 
F#                       G       C                                      ?	 
        I don't miss you much at all; 
                     F#    G              C     ? 
Somehow the pain of losing you has let me go 


     C     B         C 
?That empty space you left  
          F#            G                        C 
has grown roses -Out of shit and one thing's for sure 


                  F     C     A 
I don't need your love, love, love  - repeat 3 times. 

                  F     C     A       G 
I don't need your love, love, love 


one Instrumental bar : F# G C 

F#              G                   C 
        How are you? Where have you been? 

                F#           G           C? 
I couldn't care less; do you know what I mean? 

F#                   G          C               ?	 
          Unrequited squandered love;  

                 F#            G       C 
I'm just another face upon the wall of failed 


      C       B     C? 
Dude, I don't wanna talk,  

                F#        G        C 
Because all the words you say only hurt 


                  F     C     A 
I don't need your love, love, love  - repeat 3 times. 

                  F     C     A       G 
I don't need your love, love, love 


Instrumental break w/ violins : F  C  A x2 

Bridge w/ the babies laughing  : A  B  C x4 

Chorus (played twice) - Same as above. 


    F        C                        A 
Woe yeah I'm addicted to love, I want another one? 
Woe yeah I'm leading the life of a    lonely man? 
Woe yeah what goes around will come   back again? 
Woe yeah yeah Woe yeah 

Repeat twice 

Then come back to the main theme : F# - G - C and that?s it. 

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CHORDS CHART : e--(1)--(2)---3----0----0----2----e B--(1)--(2)---0----2----1----4----B G--(2)--(3)---0----2----0----4----G D---3----4----0----2----2----4----D A---3----4----2----0----3----2----A E---1----2----3-------------------E F F# G A C B
Hope you?ll enjoy it. Tabbed by B&F.

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