We Could Be In Love


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We Could Be In Love


    G     Em 
Be still my heart 
           Am7             Dm7 
Lately its mind is on its own 
            G       Em 
It would go far and wide 
           Am7      Dm7 
Just to be near you 

  G    Em 
Even the stars 
Shine up with bright i've noticed 
Dm7                  Em   A 
when you're close to me 
          Am7         G 
Still it remains a mystery 

C Anyone who's seen us G Knows what's going on between us Em Am7 It doesn't take a genius Dm7 G G7 To read between the lines C And it's not just wishful thinking G Or only me who's dreaming Em Am7 Cm I know what these ae symptoms of DG Em G Em We could be in love
G I ask myself why I sleep like a baby through the night Maybe it helps to know We'll be there tomorrow Don't open my eyes I'll wake from the spell I'm under Makes me wonder how Tell me how I could live without you now Chorus: And what about the laughter The happy ever after Like voices of sweet angels Calling out our name And it's not just wishful thinking Or only me who's dreaming I know what these are symptoms of We could be in love Bridge: G C G All my life i have dreamt of this Am7 G Am But i could not see your face D Bm Don't ask why C G Em Two such distance stars Am7 Dm7 Could fall right into place

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