If You Walked Away


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If You Walked Away


Intro: E A E F#m7 B7sus4 (E) 

E                           Em7 
If you walked away from me today 
I am sure that who you were goin to 
       Am7             A 
Would fill the way as I do 
E/G#       F#m7                 Em7 F#m7 B7sus4 
Baby, it's you who fills up my life 
     E                          Em7 
And if you walked away from me today 
Wouldn't change   a thing 
                    Am7           A 
But still be singin' celebration of you 
E/G#       F#m7    Ab7        C# C#m 
Baby, you do, you fill up my life. 

C#m7 A B7sus4 E Fill my life till now F#m7 B7sus4 E No one's been able to show me how Abm7 C#m To fill my life like you C#m C#m7 C#m6 B7sus4 You are the one who taught me to
Verse: If you walked away from me today Never to return until the journey That you made had ended I know you planned it just to fill up my life Refrain: C#m7 A B7sus4 E Fill my life, now I know F#m7 B7sus4 E What it feels like to overflow Abm7 C#m Until my life is through C#m7 C#m7 C#m6 hold All I'm here for is here for you CODA: B7sus4 E A Just for you A Only for you E C#m7 Bsus4 E ahhhh

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