Brian Mccomas

Off My Mind

Brian Mccomas

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Off My Mind


INTRO: G  Em  C  Cm  Cm7 

G                                       Bm 
I just spent another day tellin' myself I'm alright 
C                                           Am 
ANd it's not gonna hurt me to spend another lonely night 
G                             Bm 
Guess I lied so many times to everyone else 
C                                                   Am 
I'll bet I think it's gonna work when I start lyin' to myself 
C                       D 
But baby you and I both know the truth 
Em                                     D 
THat I've been lost since the day that I lost you, yeah 

G Ever since I've been without ya Em I try not to think about ya C Cm Cm7 But I think about you all the time G I never should have ever let ya Em Go and now I need to let ya C Cm Know I realize that I was blind D G I can't get you off my mind
Yeah I know for a while that the road got a little rough Found ourselves at the bottom of a world we were on top of I never listened to ya when you said we were growin' apart But I've had enough time to know now that I'm ready to start Bein' the man that you need me to be Sorry that it took so long for me to see, yeah CHORUS SOLO CHORUS INTRO

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