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My Redeemer Chords

Brian Doerksen

Difficulty: BeginnerBeginner

by FerdyKorp

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My Redeemer

Year: 2004 - Album: Today - Brian Doerksen

	  F     C            Dm      Bb          F  
Jesus come, come reveal, whose I am  
             C               Dm    Bb        C  
Through your death, you have paid, for my life  
          Dm               Bb                       C     Bb  
All of my sin, has been forgiven through your blood  
All of my shame, has been exchanged for pure delight  
     F         C            F/A            C  
So I come with confidence into my Fatherís House  
    F          C                F/A             Bb  
I believe, You are the lamb the prophets spoke about  
Gm		       F/A              C 		     Dm C       Bb  
On the cross, you purchased me, my lifeís no longer mine, Iím yours  
     Fsus F  
My Redeemer  


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