Brenda Lee

Sweet Nothings

Brenda Lee

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Sweet Nothings

	  		G                            C            G 
My baby whispers in my ear...Mmm sweet nothin's 
G                                    C           G 
He knows the things I like to hear...Mmm sweet nothin's 
C                                  G 
Things he wouldn't tell nobody else..(Break) 
Secret Baby, I keep 'um to myself, 
                C            G 
Sweet nothin's, Mmm sweet nothin's...(Break) 

G                            C           G 
We walk along hand in hand...Mmm sweet nothin's 
G                          C           G 
Yeah, we both understand...Mmm sweet nothin's 
C                                       G 
Sittin' in class, tryin' to read my book..(Break) 
My baby gives me that special look 
G                C           G 
Sweet nothin's...Mmm sweet nothin's 

G                               C           G 
I'm sitting on my front porch...Mmm sweet nothin's 
G                               C           G 
Well, do I love ya, of course...Mmm sweet nothin's 
C                                            G 
Mama turned off the front porch light..sayin'...(Break) 
"Come in, Darling, that's enough for tonight" 
G                C           G 
Sweet nothin's...Mmm sweet nothin's 
G                C           G 
Sweet nothin's...Mmm sweet nothin's. 

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