Brenda Lee

All Alone Am I

Brenda Lee

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All Alone Am I

     D#m        C# 
All alone am I, ever since your goodbye 
      B         C#                  A# 
All alone, with just the beat of my heart 
       D#m                     C# 
People all around, but I don't hear a sound 
           B     C#           F# 
Just the lonely beating of my heart 
No use in holding other hands 
D#m                       C# 
For I'd be holding only emptiness 
No use in kissing other lips 
D#m                       A# 
For I'd be thinking just of your caress 
Bridge Again 
No other voice can say the words 
My heart must hear to ever sing again 
The words you use to whisper low 
       G#                     C# 
(SUNG) No other love can ever bring again 
Bridge again       (BREAK on last line)OF MY..(THEN F# on)HEART 
F# D#m B C# 
Transcribed by Candy Husselman 


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