Breathe Carolina

Dressed Up To Undress

Breathe Carolina

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Dressed Up To Undress

Intro: G    Em 

Verso 1: 
Can you keep up? Can you compete? 
     G                                         Em 
You tip and you toe to the middle of where we meet. 
Where we meet. 

And you're all ears, and I'm all eyes. 
 G                                         Em 
You take the lead and I'll take off my disguise. 
My disguise. Yeeeaah. 

C D Why you dressing up tonight? Em G We don't need money to kill the lights. C D And why you talking over it, Em G I don't need words to feel those lips. C D And I love how you're up for it, Em G Everything we want is in our grip. C D G It seems to me that we could be dressed up to undress.
Verso 2: G You pick me up, I'll take you down G Em I'll tip and I'll toe to the back of your mind somehow. Em Somehow G If I confess, would you come clean? G Em You'll take off the mask and we'll live like royalty. Em Like royalty. Whoaaah Instrumental: G Em C Em D Ponte: Em C How long till dawn? Em D G I'm all for taking you on.

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