Brantley Gilbert

Country Must Be Country Wide

Brantley Gilbert

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Country Must Be Country Wide


I grew up south of the Mason Dixon 

Workin' spittin' huntin' and fishin' 
G                                             D 
Stone cold country by the grace of God 

I was gasin' up the other day 
And an ol' boy pulled up with a license plate 
G                                             D 
From Ohio I thought of good lord he's lost 
Cadd9                     G 
From his wranglers to his boots 
Cadd9                    D 
He reminded me of Chris LeDoux 
Cadd9                G 
And that Copenhagen smile 

Country must be country wide 
In every state 
There's a station 
Playin' Cash, Hank, Willie, and Waylon 
D                  Cadd9        G 
In foreign cars and four wheel drives 

D Cadd9 There's cowboys and hillbillies G From farm towns to big cities Cadd9 G There ain't no doubt in my mind Country must be country wide
D It ain't where It's how you live Cadd9 We weren't raised to take We were raised to give G The shirt off our back To anyone in need D We bow our heads before we eat Cadd9 Before we start our day Before we fall asleep G 'Cause in god we trust and we believe Cadd9 G And we see what's wrong Cadd9 D And we know what's right Cadd9 G And ol' Hank he said it all Cadd9 When he said country folks can survive Chorus (2x)

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