Brandi Carlile

Someday Never Comes

Brandi Carlile

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Someday Never Comes

Capo on 4th fret
	  		"Someday Never Comes" 
Artist: Brandi carlile 

th Fret 

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Intro: G D E------------------------------!------2-------3p2--------0h2-------- B-------3----------3-----------!------3-----------3----------------- G-------0--------0--------0----!----2---2------------------------0-- D----0----0----0---------------!--0-------0-----------0--------0---- A-----------------------0----2-!------------------------------------ E--3---------3-----------------!------------------------------------ Csus C Csus C E---------------------------!--------------------------------------- B------1------1-------------!------1------1------1------------------ G----0------0------0--------!----0------0------0--------0----------- D--3------2------0----------!--3------2------0--------0--------0---- A-----------------------3---!-----------------------3------2h3------ E---------------------------!---------------------------------------
G Dear Love, I'll miss you much D I'll miss your smile and I'll miss your touch Csus C Csus C But I found a place where I can erase my past G Maybe someday when you're old and gray D When your hair falls out and your tattoos fade Csus C Csus C You might see me standing, hand in hand G I have to go away D I've got no reason to stay here Csus C You said someday you'll change G D But even a fool will tell you C Csus Someday never comes G You built your rooms, you built your walls D You kept me outside of it all Csus C Csus C I got tired of you, what's a girl to do G Maybe someday if we stay this way D And you see my face in a different place Csus C Csus C You'll remember when, you're gonna thank me then G I have to go away D I've got no reason to stay here Csus C You said someday you'll change G D But even a fool will tell you C Csus Someday never comes Intro riff G D Csus C Ohoooo...... ****************************Please rate*************************

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