Brandi Carlile

Heart's Content

Brandi Carlile

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Heart's Content

Capo on 3rd fret

C         Em        Am       Em 
maybe you thought I hung the moon 
F        (C)              F        G 
maybe you thought we were Johnny & June 
C        Em             Am      Em 
maybe we thought it was just us two 
F        G         C 
maybe we spoke too soon 

C        Em         Am         Em 
we never lie and we don't tell tales 
F           (C)             F     G 
we bite our tongues and our fingernails 
C          Em          Am         Em 
we fall in love and we don't fall out 
F        G        C 
maybe we speak to soon 

C Em7 Am here's to you and me Em F and in between C G we draw a line but we can't C Em7 Am see where it's bent Em F we scratch our heads C G and race against C Em Am Em F G C the hearts content
C Em Am Em maybe we hurt who we love the most F C G maybe it's all we can stand C Em Am Em maybe we walk through the world as ghosts F G C break my own heart before you can Chorus C Em Am Em maybe we know how the story ends F C G maybe it's not even about us C Em Am Em we both retreat to opposing sands F G C and love lives on without us C Em one thing I know for sure is Am G F love will find a way Am G F love will find a way Chorus end on: C

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