Brandi Carlile


Brandi Carlile

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Capo on 3rd fret
Artist: Brandi Carlile 

rd Fret 

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G7M G G7M G Cadd9 e|---------------------------------------------------------3----------| B|-------------3-----------------3---------------3-----------3--------| G|-----0-----0---0-------0-----0---0-----0-----0---0-----0-----0----0-| D|---0-----0-----------0-----0---------0-----0-------0h2----------2---| A|-----------------------------------2-----3--------------------------| E|-2-----3-----------2-----3------------------------------------------| G7M G G7M G Cadd9 e|--------------------------------------------------------------------| B|-------------3-----------------3---------------3---------3--------3-| G|-----0-----0---0-------0-----0---0-----0-----0---0-----0--------0---| D|---0-----0-----------0-----0---------0-----0-------0h2------0h2-----| A|-----------------------------------2-----3--------------------------| E|-2-----3-----------2-----3------------------------------------------|
G7M G Cadd9 I don't hang around that place no more G7M G Cadd9 I'm tired of wearing circles in the floor G7M G Cadd9 And I don't carry myself very well G7M G Cadd9 D I've gotten so much braver, can you tell G Cadd9 I'm happy, can't you see G7M G Cadd9 I'm alright, but I miss you, Amber Lee G7M G Cadd9 And I line my secrets up all one by one G7M G Cadd9 I put 'em all away when I was done G7M G Cadd9 D And I would really love to hear your voice sometime G7M G Cadd9 To close a little distance in my mind G Cadd9 I'm happy, can't you see G7M G Cadd9 I'm alright, but I miss you, Amber Lee D I believe G7M G Cadd9 Where have you been all these years G7M G Cadd9 How could you just disappear G7M G Cadd9 And when did you stop missing me G Cadd9 I'm happy, can't you see G7M G Cadd9 I'm alright, but I miss you, Amber Lee G7M G Cadd9 I'm alright, but I miss you, Amber Lee **********************PLEASE RATE********************************

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