Brad Ellis

Cry Of Salvation

Brad Ellis

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Cry Of Salvation

	  		Intro:  C#m    G#m   F#   x4 

Verse 1 
                        G#m                    C#m 
We've got the cry of salvation in our hearts 
               G#m                               C#m 
We will live for the glory of the holy one 
            G#m                    C#m 
In the ally ways to the prison gates  
              G#m                      C#m 
We will shine the light of Christ 

                       E  G#m  F# 
And we cry, holy is He 
                      E            G#m      F# 
The Son of God, has set me free 
           E        G#m                F# 
Your glory shines for all to see 
             E           G#m      F# 
Love of Jesus shine in me 

Verse 2 
We've got the passion burning with the blood and fire 
With the raging love of Christ on our side 
From the boarding rooms to the darkest lives 
We will shine the light of Christ 

Solo: C#m    G#m   F#   x4 

To Chorus and end. 

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