Brad Ellis

Battle Cry

Brad Ellis



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Battle Cry

	  		Battle Cry 
Brad Ellis 

Intro: Eb   Gm   Eb   Gm x4 
           Eb   F      Gm    Eb 

Eb                                   Bb 
We're burning with compassion 
We're living with the faith 
                                     Eb                                    Gm 
That we can make a difference in the world today 
                     Eb                         Gm 
As our city cries, the sirens sound  
The echo of injustice crashes all around 

Pre Chorus 
Gm                      Eb 
Hear our battle cry 
As the army rise 

       Bb                  F 
We stand to glorify our God 
      Gm                                        Eb 
We go, with Your strength to help the lost 
                          Gm                             Eb                              Bb            F 
Burn with compassion, renew the passion for Your love 

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