Boz Scaggs

Look What Youve Done To Me

Boz Scaggs

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Look What Youve Done To Me

Intro: Esus  Em  Am/C  C   x2 

verse 1: 

Em                       D/F# 
Hope they never end this song 
Em                           D/F# 
This could take us all night long 
Gm                               F/A 
I looked at the moon, and I felt blue 
Gm                              F/A 
Then, I looked again, and I saw you 
Em                    D/F# 
Eyes like fire in the night 
Em                         D/F# 
Bridges burning with their light 
Gm                                         F/A 
Now, I'll have to spend the whole night through 
           Gm                                Am   
And Honey, Yes, I'll have to spend it all on you 

G  D  C  D/F#  Am   (Instrumental) 

G Am7 Love, look what you've done to me G/B C D Never thought I'd fall again so easily G Am7 Oh love, you wouldn't lie to me G/B C Leading me to feel this way
Interlude: D B7 Em Am D# G D (Instrumental) Esus Em Am/C C verse 2: Em D/F# They might fade and turn to stone Em D/F# Let's get crazy all alone Gm F/A Hold me closer than you'd ever dare Gm F/A Close your eyes, and I'll be there Em D/F# And after all is said and done Em D/F# After all, you are the one Gm F/A Take me up your stairs and through the door Gm F/A Take me where we don't care anymore G D C D/F# Am (Instrumental) Repeat Chorus Repeat Intro Repeat Chorus Coda: G Am7 Uh G/B C D Oh G Am7 Uh G/B C Oh

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